“Heretical Verse” by Kieran Holland

Jesus was a man,
Not the son of God.
The stories of religion,
Are a biblical fraud.
When he was captured and tortured,
God didn’t care.
Then he was nailed to the cross,
And God wasn’t there.

For an absentee father,
He laid down his life.
A lamb for the slaughter,
Amongst ruthless greed and strife.
He believed he was divine,
But soon he found out
The last words he uttered,
Were filled with ominous doubt.
He wasn’t resurrected,
He’s still very dead
He didn’t turn water to wine,
Or materialize bread.
We murdered a peaceful martyr,
And our sins can’t be erased.
The writing is on the wall,
The church is now defaced.
Common sense and science,
Will lead us to the truth.
On an unholy mission,
To share the forbidden fruit.

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