“Debt” by Maggie Sue Traynor (read at last night’s magazine release event @ Central Library!)

We have a debt we cannot pay
Yet another election may be on its way
Do you really think I’d vote for you
After all the hell you put me through?
Think again, that could never be
Open your eyes, maybe then you’ll see
You cannot pay me the money you owe
What do you expect me to do, just let it go?
When I need help, where do I turn?
Oh yes, I’m the one who will get burned
All the money I paid into CPP,
I was under the impression it was meant for me
All that money, where did it go?
As a tax payer I have a right to know
I’ve been told it’s gone, there is no more
I busted my butt, what the hell for?

Do you really think we can afford another election?

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