“Time Heals All Wounds” by Maggie Sue Traynor (read at Tuesday night’s magazine release event @ Central Library!)

There are many incredible people you want to meet
For a few precious moments they take your mind off the streets
Being homeless at such a young age
Can fill an innocent person with uncontrolled rage
A memory has surface that I tried to forget
The pain of what happened I’ll always regret
When I was sixteen I ran away
A decision I’ll regret until my dying day
Life on the street when there’s no place to go
Is something a young woman does not need to know
There are no shelters or safe places, you see
Behaviour like this was not meant to be
Murphy’s Law can be so true
How a situation turns out is not up to you
A decision I’ll regret to my dying day
The person I loved the most in life had been taken away
I honestly believed my life was not meant to be
With so much heartache I could never be free
It was my fault this person had passed away
A comment I’ll remember the rest of my days
“You’re the reason your father passed away”
Yet I was the one who decided to stay
Forgiveness was never meant to be
And this was all life had to offer me.

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