The Enpipe Line: 70,000+ kilometres of poetry written in resistance to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines proposal

Environmental activism, creative resistance, making a statement 70,000 km in length and immeasurable in depth… Take a peak at this brilliant project:

“The Enpipe Line goes dream vs. dream with Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway Pipelines. If built, these 1,170 kilometre pipelines will carry tar sands oil and its poisonous by-products across more than 700 streams and rivers between Alberta and the B.C. port of Kitimat. In Kitimat, crude oil would be pumped into supertankers for export, threatening the fragile coastal ecosystem with a major spill.

Originally conceived as a 1,170 kilometre-long collaborative line of poetry to match the length of the proposed pipelines, The Enpipe Line has grown to over 70,000 kilometres. Its community of poets comes from all ages and walks of life: woodworkers, painters, environmental campaigners, single parents, professors, children. This book, like the pipeline it opposes, outlines a dream. But, unlike Enbridge’s proposal, The Enpipe Line represents the shared desire of living community: that the proposed Enbridge pipelines project never sees the light of day.”

For more information or to view the book, visit

(** I am feeling inspired by this project and would love to consider the possibility of developing our own interpretation of it, perhaps something smaller-scale in our community that will instead represent Grit Uplifted, the issues faced by its participants and those experiencing poverty and homelessness in London and across Ontario, and, above all, the need for progressive action and significant positive change.
I welcome your thoughts and suggestions on what such a project may look like!) 

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