Feedback from participants: Benefits of their involvement with the Grit Uplifted Creative Writing Group

On our recent Grit Uplifted program evaluations, we asked participants from the Saturday group at the Central Library, “Do you feel that you have benefited from your involvement with the Grit Uplifted program?”

Here are some of their responses:

– “Yes, it is an opportunity to get our stories out to the public (being homeless).”
– “I was able to benefit from the positivity of creative energy from others in the program. It gave me the courage I needed to continue to write.”
– “Yes! Changed my life! . . . This is the best thing I have ever done. I feel such a sense of community spirit.”
– “Very much so. It’s very therapeutic.”
– “I don’t feel as isolated.”

We feel very privileged to bear witness to the positive impact that the program continues to have on people with lived experience of homelessness, as it provides ongoing opportunites for learning, self-expression, and the building of trust and community.

-> Are you a current or past participant in the Grit Uplifted Creative Writing Group? We’d love to hear from you! Please share your feedback by clicking on “Leave a comment” below or emailing

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