“TIPIS at SUNSET” by The Homeless Cowboy

A thousand tipis covered the valley floor

braves old and young ready for the hunt

A winter’s meat must be found.


The Deer, Buffalo and Turkey

Along with Hog, Rabbit, and Bear

Must be hunted, killed and processed,

The winter’s meat salted and packed away.


Days and nights they’ll  forego sleep

To ensure their families will have food to eat

Headed out for winter camp, the great snows are coming.


Draw close around the fire tonight

Smoking the pipe of brotherhood

Sharing hopes and dreams of the future.


Grandfathers, Fathers and Sons

Teaching and learning the ways things are done

Multicolored skies bring fall to a close.


Winter is a time to rebuild families

Sharing the knowledge of the old ones

The Anasazi, the Ancients, the Great Spirit.


Those braves whose thunderous hooves are heard across time

Young men learning of time and tradition

They will teach in turn to generations yet unborn.


A thousand tipis   —   They will never return

This makes me sad, so very sad.

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