“The Word Heard by Many” by J. Nichole Noel

The Word Heard by Many

A tribute to Angela. In loving memory of Michael

A woman’s internal struggles with God, herself, and the doctor, after having being diagnosed with CANCER.

“Every day since I was a child
I wore a permanent smile on my face
I have been kind and forgiving
Loving and understanding, all of my life
I have been a good wife
A mother of children
Two daughters and a son
A grandmother of one
I am a daughter, a sister, a best friend and an auntie
I am the president of my own company
Who worked hard within the defined lines of integrity
I gave offerings at the church
I sought no pity or praise for all the things I have done
Still why am I the one?

I found out that an entity
Has intrusively insisted on inhibiting my body
Reluctantly, I am to be its host
In receivership of the ‘Word’
The ‘Word’ … what ‘Word’?
You know … that cryptic ‘Word’ heard by many
A ‘Word’ traditionally carrying no solace, only pain
No preparation, no cure, no understanding
No owner’s manuals, no long-life guarantees
No respect to age, race, social status or creed
A word which bears no prejudices of any kind
Neither rhythm nor rhyme can find
Comfort in the ‘Word’

And so the doctor begins …
“Mrs. So-and-So the test results are in
In addition, the test shows that you….”

“NO! Stop right there, Buddy,” I shout in my mind
Don’t say it … I need more time
“How could this be?”
Lord, hear my plea and release me from this entity
If not … dear Lord, I will not accept ownership
And I am refusing to be a gracious hostess
So, please, I am begging, please,
Do not let that ‘Word’ leave his lips

Okay, how about this …
What if … I promise to quit smoking
Have tea instead of coffee in the morning
Repent for all of my sins, even those I had yet to commit
No drinking, overeating, no snacks after midnight
I promise to do things right
Please do not forsake me
How could this be … why me?

In fact, to me … it makes perfect sense
That I should be released of this burden
For I am but a single drop of rain, chasing rainbows
I am a pebble in a world filled with mountains
A minnow in an ocean of whales
Seldom do I complain but all the same
This time I will not refrain
I insist, “This is a mistake, the shoe does not fit!”
And … let us not start talking about fate or faith
Please … do not, say it!

“Mrs. So-and-So …
The doctor begins again, the test results are in
And the test shows that you”….
“Wait … listen, Buddy, are you not hearing me?”
I shout again in my mind, “I need more time.”
I only came to you with concerns
Yes, I asked the questions,
But I did not really want the answers
“Mrs. So-and-So” … he says without a minute wasted
“You have got CANCER.”

“Oh my … Why did I ever come to you, Dr. Blue
Blah, blah, blah … now it is my turn
And I am not hearing you
Perhaps, perhaps I should have ignored the signs
Perhaps, it would take care of itself in time … NOT
How could this be … why me?

It is said … to everything there is a season
Life’s inevitable progression

In reality, though my heart is heavy …
I already know the ‘WHY’
For we are all born to live, yet we are also born to die
And so while this ‘Word’ to some,
May have been ruthless and without mercy
Many more already stand in victory …
Others like me who are on the same page,
At the same stage
In my rage, I vaguely heard Dr. Blue
Saying something about stage TWO

YESTERDAY … I was a defendant
Standing strong as a formidable opponent
A blessed soldier defending my body
On a battlefield STRATEGICALLY!
I am looking forward to the day … that special day
When billions around the world say in unison …
“I am not a victim … I am merely the one chosen
To hold a space in Life’s procession
And to overcome this challenge
That Life saw fit to unfold my way”

That special day when I too can say …
“I am a CANCER survivor, a decorated soldier
Who stood strong against a formidable entity
That intrusively insisted on inhibiting my body
Which I defended on a battlefield … TRIUMPHANTLY”

I shall ascend above the ‘Word’ heard by many
For that ‘Word’ will never define ME!

Copyright ©2012 J. Nichole Noel


See a moving live performance of this piece on YouTube:

JNNTE LIVE – The Word Heard By Many

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J. Nichole Noel – The Word Heard By Many a tribute to Angela

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  1. SerpentStare says:

    Ab-so-lute-ly stunning. I did not really visit this page today to read poetry, but you brought a tear to my eye. I don’t know who you are, but you have my support.

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