“What or who is a bully?” by P.C.A.W. (shared at the Nov. 14th magazine release event)

Bully: n (plural bullies)
A person, especially a child, who hurts or intimidates others weaker than him or herself.
Bullying: n
The process of intimidating or mistreating someone weaker or in a more vulnerable situation.
Based on this definition, we have all been bullied. Just think about when a baby is born. One of the first things that happens is a slap on the bottom to make the baby cry, and then stick a needle in the baby’s foot. Sure, there may be health-related reasons for this, but could this also not be considered intimidating or at least mistreatment? This baby is definitely weaker and in a more vulnerable position than the medical person.
Who is a bully? It is obvious to me that anyone, even a government, can be a bully at one time or another. Whether the person doing the bullying is insecure in his or her own identity, I do not know. This needs more research.
What makes a person become a bully? Is it the philosophy of ‘Do it to them before they do it to me’? But wait, this would make the person a hypocrite when they cry out, ‘You can’t do that to me’. Was this person subject to being bullied at a younger age? Does the bully outgrow the act?
Vandalism could be construed as bullying. Vandals would appear to have no respect for other people’s property, but let someone else damage something of the vandal’s, and who screams foul at the top of their lungs?
What constitutes bullying? I must be really dumb. I have always thought bullying was something to do with physical harm if someone else did not do something, as in, “Give me your lunch money, you little maggot, or I’ll punch you”. How does name-calling physically hurt a person? Are parents to be considered bullies? That depends on the perception. As a parent, you are meting out discipline. As the child being disciplined, you are being bullied.
I saw a commercial sponsored by the Federal Government that starts as, “Bullying? We can help”, with a phone number to call. I am not a young child any longer but say what? The government wants to help a bully be a better bully? Is there something wrong with my brain connections? Let’s listen in on an imaginary telephone call.
We hear a telephone ring.
Bullying helpline: You have reached the bullying helpline. How may I help you?
Caller: I need some help in bullying this particular friend of mine, but I don’t want him to know, or get caught doing it or anything. How do I do this?
Bullying helpline: Oh, that’s an easy one. Just get it passed into law so you can do the act legally.
Yes, the government may be considered the ultimate bully and we have no real control except at election time. Laws get passed that help some citizens and hurt others.
To sum this up, your perception of an act is up to you. How you react to the perceived ‘injury’ is still up to you.

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