“Spellbound” by Stanley Shaver

As I stand here and into the universe I peer
I wonder what is man’s purpose for being here
Is the end of time drawing near?

I’m amazed by the splendour of it all
Why the moon and stars don’t just fall
All the while theĀ earth orbits like a giant ball.

Surely the universe must have been created by God
For such perfection could not be a fraud
Each planet synchronized by the touch of his rod.

Will there ever be a cure for cancer?
Can a crippled child ever become a dancer?
All these questions without an answer.

What keeps everything in nature alive?
And why did the dinosaurs take a dive?
How can a bee construct a hive?

Scientists, doctors, geologists all alike
Each day will continue their plight
Everyone saying his theory is right.

All these mysteries we will never know
So enjoy your life as through each day you go
And in the end, all the answers death will bestow.

Stanley Shaver

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