A Call for Poems/Short Stories/Songs/Art Honouring ‘Our Shining Stars’

Strange Angel Productions is pleased to create another opportunity for the public to share special memories/anecdotes of loved ones through poetry, short stories, original songs and art work, either paintings or drawings.

This theatre arts charity event, Our Shining Stars, will run from June 26 – 29, 2013. When a public figure dies, the world mourns and celebrates that person’s life story. However when most people die, only the immediate family and friends know or care. I believe that everyone is special and their stories should be shared as well. The poems/stories are the everyday stories. They do not have to be stories of heroics. This is simply meant as an opportunity for you to share special moments or funny anecdotes. It is about celebrating those who have touched our lives, who have now passed on, from all causes of death.

Each written piece should be no longer than 350 words. Those chosen will be asked to read their poems/stories to the audience attending on opening night, Wednesday June 26. If you are not comfortable speaking in front of a group, we will have someone who can stand in for you. Those submitting music must be able to attend on the 26th to perform their songs, if their work is chosen. Songs should be no longer than four minutes. Selected art work will be displayed during the event. The art work can be sized between 5”x7” and 24” x 36”. Please send your submissions by email to strangeangelproductions@hotmail.com ; for art work, please contact me to arrange a meeting time. Song lyrics may also be submitted via email.

Submission deadline is May 31, 2013.

The net proceeds of this year’s event will go to the Canadian Cancer Society in memory of Jack E.K Lounsbury. Selected poems/stories will be included in the 2014 ‘Our Shining Stars’ day planner which will be sold in the fall of 2013, the net proceeds of which will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

For more information visit: http://www.ourshiningstars.info/

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