“I Give to Receive” by P.C.A.W.

The mail arrives today with three requests to donate money. It is all for a worthy cause, but good luck people. Your request will be joining all the others waiting for their chance at claiming my money.
Yesterday, the telephone company wanted money. Okay, okay, here! Next week, I know Rogers will come asking for a handout for all the stations I have to pay for but do not watch. “It’s part of the package and there is nothing we can do about it.”
Life insurance, fire insurance, and bury me insurance all want their part of me. Do you want to stay here? Give us some money. Mom, can I borrow (fill in the blank)?
Gimme, gimme, gimme. This is the flip side of I want, I want, I want. I want lower prices on food so I can eat healthier. I want lower rental costs. This place is becoming unaffordable. I want lower insurance costs. I want lower entertainment costs (this includes cable TV). I hear of a performer coming to JLC a.k.a. Budweiser Gardens but say too bad, my budget will not cover what you are asking. Is anyone out there prepared to give me some of what I want?
Give of your time, give of your resources. Remember the passage where you are instructed to ‘cast your bread on the water and it will be returned’? I am still waiting on my return, but then I am alive. Yes, I want more. Do I really need more? I think not.

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