“Progeny” by David Allan Ross

If a sapling could look up at its parent, what might it feel?
Would it be in awe of the hulking presence that it must one day emulate?
Will it be up to the task of striving for the sky, sun and rain?

With the inherent beauty passed on to such a tiny representation of the genus, how long will this offshoot have to languish in the shadow of the monolith it has sprouted from?…By the count of man, it will be some decades.  Nurturing must now come from many aspects of nature, but not from its kin.
You see, all that it can learn it has already been taught.  The continuation of its kind now depends on the imprinting of vital genetic code to assure its place in the world.  Mankind wonders at the magnificent thing that it will become, starting out as a sliver and growing into a tree.

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