“Bullying” by Maggie Sue T.

What lies in the shadows should stay
Bullying innocent people is not the way.
Pick on innocent people who cannot defend
Themselves.Does that make you feel tough,
Do you feel good about yourself?Too bad you
cannot pick on someone who can defend themselves,
What not up for the challenge. How does it make you feel
when someone takes their life because opf what you have
done too them, or what about the people who turn to drugs ?
When is enough ever going to be enough? Talking is no longer
a solution to the problem.Talking can only escalate the problem.
Talking from experience. When my son was in grade school he
was being bullied.My husband made the mistake of going to the
principal.when the principal confronted the bully, the situation escalated
to the point were the bully tried to strangle my son,In other words he tried
to kill my son. Enough is enough how can we expect the principal to deal
with the problems when in some institutions there are teachers who mistreat
their students because they may be a little slow.Or back in my day physically
abuse a student for the simple reason they may be a little slow. One of my first
memories in school was my teacher giving me the strap because I didn’t understand.
This memory will never go away. Thanks to the school system, thanks to society, no
one was there to protect me.At the time I was only six.Like I said the problem is not
going away. Instead of ending the problem it is now escalating to cyber bullying.
There is no excuse why this problem cannot be eliminated for good. I believe there
should be a one strike and you are out.Ignorance is not a defence.Someone needs to speak
for those who cannot speak up for themselves.

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