RECOVERY by Ashley Diana Wren

PIECE NO 4. – September 23rd/2017
I attended the group for the first time on September 23rd/2017. I found it very beneficial for both my healing journey and my journey as an aspiring author. I am submitting this first piece that I shared yesterday.

RECOVERY by Ashley Diana Wren
Recovery is essential for us survivors. And recovery can take multiple turns.
You can do recovery on a physical level, on a counseling level, or even as self-care.
On a physical level, you can formulate your recovery starting with walking. Walking helps your limbic system to maintain a healthy brain. Secondly, if you advised to
Take medications by your doctor that is an added portion. Thirdly, maintaining a healthy diet and making sure to “nourish” our bodies not only in a spiritual or emotional level, but also
Counsellors can or may be your “best friends” during your recovery. You voice your concerns to your counselor and then create a plan. You either use the CBT route which is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or DBT, which is the Dialectical Route. Counsellors can help you recover from trauma and they can also help you with identifying your life goal’s and do your best to “move forward”.
“Self-care” is also essential during recovery. Learning to listen to our bodies and knowing when and what our limitations are. Learning to take time for ourselves as much as we are “social animals” as suggested by Charles Darwin. Learning how to balance our lives from this “online” generation, as opposed to how we were conditioned.

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