LEVIATHAN by Ashley Diana Wren

I am Leviathan, the Giant Sea Serpent in the Ocean of Tethys. I have been living in these waters for eons, and yet no one has ever caught a site of me. Us, sea serpents,
Have our elongated necks and curves in our body, and we are scaly. We carry our Okeanistres, that are our turquoise rattly tails.
We swim and float through underground caves and holes throughout the Pangean Pipes of our enormous, fiery planet. How we survive, we don’t know. And yet, we are founding all
Corners of the world.
Hell, I have my cousin Nessie basking in the castle rocks of Edinburgh in Loch Ness. My older brother Champ is king of the true Canadian North ruling the murky waters of Lake Champlain.
And then, I have my younger brother, the Ogopogo-Mbembe rising in the elusive, mysterious jungles of Tanzania in Mighty Africa.
My cave, where I live in the middle of the ocean, is filled with colourful coral reefs and a variety of minerals and stones, such as Pink Syanite, amethysts and quartzs.
I usually take a ride with the Oceanids, who are the nymphs in my plateau. They carry me with the help of the Hippocampuses with their massive, golden chariots.
And it’s very easy for me to sustain myself. I don’t like eating the small fish. I’d rather consume krill and plankton.

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