PIECE NO 2. – OCTOBER 30th/ 2017

This is my first piece from my writing class this week. Hope you enjoy <3 I know I have a lot of Pagan and Wiccan friends in my facebook list.
GRIT UPLIFTED SETTING EXERCISE : A place where we’ve been recently. Outdoor or Indoors. Describe the setting and give it a mood.

The trees had eyes. Their elongated branches were curving to welcome their guests hugging them as next of kin. The vendors are all formed as a pentagram of souls to
Sell their witchy products. The grass was indeed greener on this side, and as fertile as the Mother Goddess predicted on this day.
The park was filled with its minions of the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus and the Devil’s Spawn. Some of these people, especially the supernatural setting of this celebration. We were so
Aware of Samhain approaching only a month from now. We began cackling like modern witches and warlocks cackling in this hot day. At least we weren’t burning during the Crucible era of the Witch Trials in Salem. The children were enjoying their time at the park. The trees were acting as protectors with their Cyclopean eyes.
In a corner of the park, a friend of mine, was doing Tarot Readings. People were in awe whether we, the generation of the Illuminati, were actually for real. If we could actually predict the future and if we could actually read hands.
My friend suddenly asked me if I could do a coffee reading. I didn’t want to burn and create sacrilege to such a majestic and beautiful pasture of a park. So, she made the coffee herself. The incensuous smells attracted a bunch of others and I let her drink her coffee. She flipped the cup and I then read her fortune. I wonder if what I told her has come true, as in most cases it does.

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