PLANET PONTIX by Ashley Diana Wren

PIECE NO 1. – OCTOBER 30th/ 2017
To my readers, this was the second exercise we did at writing class on Saturday. I know when I wrote this I had my main character Emmeline in my head. Also Emmeline is a real little girl. She is my chosen aunt’s daughter. This is dedicated to Emmy and Grayson her brother. But hope you all enjoy <3
GRIT UPLIFTED EXERCISE: Write a sci-fi scene. Invent a character and have them move in a sci-fi setting and describe what he/she sees.

Emmeline stepped within the green glowing portal. This cetacean, gelatinous wormhole was so long that Emmeline came out the other side dizzy. She looked into
Her fanny pack to see if she had any head pills.
And then, she felt a hit on her head.
“Ouch,” she cried, “What the fork?”
She looked up and seemed very amazed. This planet seemed to have such lush vegetation and was very colorful.
Suddenly, she saw this creature come to her. “You, Emmeline. Me, Lloyd.”
“Say what? And how do you know my name?”, she asked.
“Also what kind of creature are you?”
“One question at a time, Emmeline,” Lloyd answered. “Welcome to the Planet Pontix. This is a planet that we have conquered after the Cat Lords invaded Earth.
And I am a Gerbilloyd. Number 101023.”
“Wow,” Emmeline exclaimed, “No wonder, your planet looks like an exact replica of our gardens with the carrots, turnips, and seeds. So how do you know my name then, Lloyd?”
Lloyd replied, “We are a race of telepathic sentient species. We’ve learned to tap into the human mind since our Lord Neferset taught us during our Earth years. “
Suddenly, Lloyd pressed on one of the stones in the path where we were standing.
“You see, Emmeline! We are not the typical rodents that you live with in your farm. Look into this screen!”
Emmeline looked on the screen.
Lloyd began narrating, “See. This is the year where you were on Earth. 2017. Once you stepped within the portal, you are here. 3017. A 1000-year time jump.
But you are here for a purpose.”

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