UNTITLED by Ashley Diana Wren

I am an avid book and film collector. And today, I come with no agenda. I am just looking around the flea market like an alien visitor
From another planet. I just entered Pacific Mall in Markham. I can see the people here are more diverse and not WASPS.
This makes me feel much safer. The melting pot of different races and not just Caucasians with their white privilege and their frigidity.
Flea markets should be just like this. Diverse and not just one race, or religion. You can see the Sikhs in their turbans, the polite Asian women with their warm
And welcoming smiles.
And with the flea market vendors you can bargain. Normal store vendors are too hard headed, I feel.
Suddenly, I notice a sign. 6 for $20. And these are just movies that came out of the theatre. I ask the vendor to test these movies so I know they are of good quality and have subtitles.
Its my OCD. I cannot watch a movie or tv show without the subtitles for the life of me.
I also notice at the back of the vendor, the tv show section. I ask him to pass me the “ZOO” box sets based on the James Patterson book. He only has two. I notice he must have forgotten to place a price. I look at how many episodes each boxset has. 13 each. I ask him if $25 can be enough. He agrees. I am pleased
I leave the flea market and go to sit by the fountain.
I am pleased from my visit today. I feel I need to gather my thoughts and just sit there looking at the water for a bit.

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