For my readers, this was my first exercise from Saturday doing Plot. This is a first for me. I have never written something like this. And yes. I am impressed with myself. I hope you enjoy <3 GRIT UPLIFTED EXERCISE: Use one of these two scenarios to develop a plot. OPTION 1: Two very opposite people wanting the same tattoo. OPTION 2: A person through a horrible misunderstanding loses their work and an unfortunate series of events happens. I chose OPTION 1 and created this piece titled UNICORN TATTOOS. I was not aware how the group was going to take it. But I loved the support that I received.

It’s just another regular day at Manson’s tattoo parlor.
John is the first client that Manson is going to take. John came in to get a Unicorn Tattoo and he is just talking to the receptionist.
“I would like my unicorn to be fully black and just have a red horn on its head.”
Suddenly, footsteps are heard from behind. A tall woman with blonde hair appears and cuts the conversation.
“Bitch, did you just say that you are getting a tattoo of a unicorn? You are a dude! Unicorn tattoos are for lesbians.”
The receptionist asks her for her name. The woman identifies herself as Sylvanas.
“Remember when I came here, I asked Manson about getting the Gender Unicorn?”
John feels upset. He turns around to Sylvanas and tell her, “We are both of the same spectrum. We should not be fighting for a stupid
Unicorn tattoo. And you shouldn’t be stereotyping people or making assumptions. How about I make a deal with you?”
Sylvanas does a 360. She realizes that what she did was wrong.
“I apologize”, she says.
John then discloses to Sylvanas that he is a trans-man who always identified as a lesbian since a lifetime long ago.
Sylvanas goes totally red in the face.
John offers to get the receptionist to draw a new double unicorn pattern. The one will be his vision, while the other will be Sylvanas.
Sylvanas is shocked.
John pays for both his and her tattoos.
Sylvanas asks John for a dinner date. Who knows maybe these two people who were mad about each other with their tattoo situation, might end
Up being an item?

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