WHERE WE HAVE TO GO: A 13 Year Old’s perspective by Ashley Diana Wren

This is my second monologue that I have ever written in the Saturday Writing Group. This was a really interesting and painful exercise for me to write. But I did it and thats what matters. I do hope you enjoy <3 GRIT UPLIFTED EXERCISE : OCTOBER 14th/ 2017 WRITING PROMPT: Freewrite a response based on the Where We Have To Go excerpt by Lauren Kirshner

I really am perplexed. Here I am cleaning the gerbil cage and all I have to think about is me growing up. How much will it impact me if dad
Goes back to Crashing Waves? Will my life come tumbling down? I am just wondering what is going on between my parents? Why are they arguing so much?
Am I the mistake or issue of the problem? Or dad isn’t getting any and he is going through his midlife crisis? “No tomatoes” for daddy, huh?
I feel my whole world is changing. Me going through puberty. My parents screaming and shouting. Where is my life really going?
My mother is just in her “denial” stage, while my dad doesn’t know what the fuck he wants. Everything is just a routine for him.
And me going through my adolescence and here I am thinking. Will I get a decent husband who won’t cheat like dad? Will my mother be able to “move forward” with her life?
I still feel what dad is doing is covert abuse. Not just to me, but also to my mother. He is really pushing his “toxic masculinity” and “authority figure” bullshit.
I am thinking that I am going to need some support. Next time I go to school, I’ll ask for resources to help myself and mom.

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