Weekly Check-in – Erin

Today was my first time participating in the group, and I can already tell that it’s going to be one of the highlights of my week over the next few months. I have a feeling many of the other writers I met today feel the same. What a rare treasure it is to be in the same room as so many others who share your passion for language and storytelling.

During check-in, I got a small glimpse inside the lives of a room full of strangers, who have been kind enough to welcome my group mate, Pauline, and I into the space, and we shared how writing has impacted our week (even if it’s the nagging guilt we might feel if we weren’t able to write anything). The nicest part about a creative writing group, if you ask me, is the time, space, and encouragement to just write. As a full-time student and mom, I consider those three things to be a luxury, and I don’t take them for granted.

Meg is a terrific facilitator, and offered engaging prompts to the group. My favourite was the second one, where she read an excerpt from a novel I hadn’t heard of, and asked us to either respond directly to the excerpt or create our own resolution to any of the number of conflicts the narrator was experiencing. Since the focus this week was on plot, creating conflicts for our characters is a necessary tool, and one I have been practicing in my writing courses this semester. It’s interesting when the crossover becomes apparent. I believe this experience will compliment what I am studying in the classroom, and vice versa. Overall, it was a great introduction to Grit Uplifted, and I’m looking forward to next week already!

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  1. Ashley Wren says:

    I had a great time meeting Erin and Pauline. I feel they are both valuable assets to our group, and would love to have that support from creative writing students, as I am hoping to take those courses for my own personal healing journey and hoping to be a published author.
    Erin, if you do read this, you are fantastic. And I want to say as much as somedays being a parent and having to find that time of space to write might be challenging, you are doing it.
    I am glad that Meg and Harry and LIHC has given us this platform to be able to thrive.

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