Oxford Dictionary definesĀ “vulnerable” as “injury of a non-physical nature,” I define it as the most terrifying, yet emotionally gratifying gift I have received in my years of recovery from addiction and mental health disorders. When the chance to become a small part of Grit Uplifted was presented to me, I was beyond ecstatic to be a part of it. Not only does my life’s passion encompass all things creative (including writing), since I embarked on my own personal journey to wellness, it has come to include an intense desire to share my story with anyone who will listen. This, in turn, is where vulnerability becomes the essential concept.

Several weeks ago I experienced an incredibly complex and emotionally strenuous situation at home. Despite my total lack of desire, I chose to attend the writing group that day. As I opened up to the group about my struggles, the fact that so many could identify, perhaps not with the situation itself, but with the emotions I was grappling with, I felt an enormous sense of belonging. Later, the sheer catharsis I felt as I put ink to paper was beyond anything I would have received if I had stayed chosen to stay home.

For the gift of vulnerability, my ability to unabashedly share my deepest struggles, and the willingness to end my own internal suffering day to day, I must thank Grit Uplifted and the members who make the group what it is. You have given me an option when sometimes, if feels as though there is no other.

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