LIFE by Harry Kuhn

The rain continues, steady but not hard.
Cars swish by on wet pavement, the sound rising and falling.
My mood does the same, more down than up.
I know how to fix it but can’t bring myself to do what is necessary.

Life seems simple in my mind sometimes.
Do this and this and gradually results will follow,
but so many times I have made progress in the past only to fall back.
Is it a fault of my thinking or is it the life I’ve been dealt?

I gear up to try again; need to; have to.
My listless laying about has been affecting my body.
So out of shape I lose my breath at the thought of exertion.
Overweight and scruffy looking.

My Christian faith tells me not to quit;
My Stoic reading tells me these are things in my power to control.
My life experience tells me I can do better…for a while.
My heart asks me, “Do I try again?”

So…once more into the breech.
Walk more, eat healthier, smoke less, take control.
Write more, read more, make my faith and reading truly my way of life.
My heart answers, “Yes, try again!”

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