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To submit your writing to Grit Uplifted, please email your work to*. Be sure to include the title of the writing piece and the author name under which you would like it published. Please note that the writer retains copyright of all his/her original material published in any Grit Uplifted communications, including the website and magazine.

* A signed consent form must also be included with your submission (see link below) in order for us to publish your work on the website. This form can be returned by email (if you are able to scan the signed copy and send it electronically), by mail or in person (delivered to the attention of Kelly McConnell, London InterCommunity Health Centre, 659 Dundas Street, London ON, N5W 2Z1) or by fax (to the attention of Kelly McConnell, 519-642-1532).

LIHC Consent for Creative Writing Publishing


6 Responses to Submit Writing

  1. Anissa says:

    Where can I pick up a copy?

    • grituplifted says:

      The Grit Uplifted magazine is available in electronic form through the link on the right (“Issue #1, July 2011”). Unfortunately, we are all out of hard copies of the magazine at our location but they were also distributed to the following organizations and businesses, so please check at one of them for additional copies:

      London Public Library Central Branch, Youth Action Centre, Women’s Community House, Addiction Services of Thames Valley, Unity Project, Salvation Army Centre of Hope, Men’s Mission, London Coffee House, Safe Haven/ The Gathering Place, My Sister’s Place, Arkaid, Aeolian Hall, Palace Theatre, The Arts Project, Coffee Culture (Dundas Street at Wellington), Centennial Hall, The Grand Theatre, East Village Arts Co-op, Poetry London, East Village Coffee House

  2. Maggie Sue says:


    Back stabbing is the game you play
    Destroying lives is your only way
    Evicting people from their home
    The streets is where you’d see them roam
    You pretend to care but that’s not true
    The only one you care for would be you
    The ugly look upon your face
    In my opinion what a disgrace
    I hope that you will feel the way
    Homeless people feel each day

    Maggie Sue T

  3. Maggie Sue says:

    A woman in Time

    Tired worn out face \
    Salt and pepper hair sets the pace.
    The fragile body that I see
    Respected lady, I don agree
    She lives alone, no one around
    A couch, two chairs is all I found
    A peaceful soul I must admit
    Continue forward do not quit \
    Life must go on it’s the way to go
    Content and happy this precious soul

    Maggie Sue T

  4. Maggie Sue says:

    Your above the law
    Skeletons in your closet
    Defeat will be yours

    No where to hang out
    It sucks when you are homeless
    Oh well life goes on

    To live and let live
    My brothers and sisters
    This is the best way

    Please drive with caution
    Innocent lives are at stake
    It may even be you

    Sun rises again
    Dark clouds will turn to clear skies
    Victory is ours

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