About Grit Uplifted

Founded in July 2009, the Grit Uplifted Creative Writing Group is an open forum for learning, self-expression and the building of trust and community for people that are homeless, at risk of being homeless, or have experienced homelessness.

The purpose of this blog is to serve as a venue through which the Grit Uplifted writers can share their work, their ideas and their experiences, and we welcome and encourage you to provide the writers with positive, thoughtful comments and constructive criticism to help them develop and grow as writers. (On our blog/website, this can be done through the “Leave a comment” link at the bottom of each post or by using the “Submit Writing” feature on the top menu.)
Ultimately, we would also like for this webpage to serve as a forum where we can have a dialogue about the issues, ideas and experiences the writers present and the feelings they evoke.

In addition, we will use this site to post any schedule changes for the group, relevant links or upcoming events involving the group.

Please note: Any views or opinions presented on this website are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the London InterCommunity Health Centre or any of its affiliated programs, funders, or community partners.

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When: Saturdays, 2-4pm

Where: London Public Library, Central Branch 3rd floor Friends of the LPL Board Room, 251 Dundas Street, London Ontario, N6A 6H9, http://catalogue.londonpubliclibrary.ca/search/Y?SEARCH=grit+uplifted&searchscope=20&SORT=D

Contact Info for Meg Pirie & Harry Kuhn, Grit Uplifted Program Facilitators:

** Check out our Facebook page, Grit Uplifted Creative Writing Group


2 Responses to About Grit Uplifted

  1. David says:

    Enjoyed the site and the writing. Creative writing can be such a powerful tool to unlock feelings and even bring you to solutions. A friend recommended that I have a look at this site and possibly attend a meeting. I have been writing in community and student newspapers for many years. My friend encouraged me to share some of the creative writing that I have done for myself or friends and family members. I see that the meeting times are 2 to 4 pm at the Central Library. I hope to join you soon.


    • grituplifted says:

      Hi David! Thanks so much for your kind words. Our next session starts May 23. Hope to see you then! 🙂

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