The never told story of how I once was homeless

They say that for a man his house is like his palace and he is king when it comes to his family, but what is a man who has come to lost his home due to high interest rate and mortgage payments impossible to make?

 I remember that day as it was yesterday. I remember our smiles for having a place where to go after work or after school, a place where you could get some refuge from the outside weary world that usually sucks our energy demanding more and more and giving us less and less.

 I remember clearly somebody knocking at the door, who could it be? A friend? some relative? An annoying salesman trying to take your few cents in exchange of some useless product? No, it wasn’t one or the other, it wasn’t anything good or annoying. It was the worst nightmare of all.

 ”We have come from the bank” the guy said. “We have an order to take you out of this house due to a payment that was never made” He was representing the worst enemy of us all. That enemy who came to us with fake help, encouraging us to fall in the claws of the monster known as debt, a monster that is nothing but a pet from that enemy I am talking about.

 Mortgage, banks, credit cards, all of them traps that are there as helpful tools which only purpose is to trap you and enslave you, so you give all your hard work to somebody else you don’t know.

 Mortgage was responsible for the losing of my home. I remember at the beginning it was so easy to pay, but what we didn’t see was that it was becoming higher and higher to the point that if paid it, we would not have money for food or clothing nor even for the bus.

 ”Please have mercy on us” I told the guy who looked at me as if I were a dog. “Please help us to keep the house Mr. Lawyer” Lawyers, parasites of the society that have the tools to help people, but instead of helping then they charge then with amounts of money almost as high as mortgage itself, they say trust me, but if you don’t give them what they want they say I can’t help you out, sorry. Though we know they are not sorry.

 At last and after crying, begging and humiliating myself, I had to give up. For the sake of business we had to leave the house and look for another place to go, another place we could call home which won’t be home because somebody could take you off there at anytime.

 The streets were going to be our new home now. The homeless family who lost everything including the money we had already paid. We didn’t know what to think, but we felt robbed. For the sake of business the house is still empty, for the sake of business the house has no one who lives in there, for the sake of business a poor family that could hardly have enough to eat is now living in the outside world with no place to hide or to look for refuge, for the sake of business, the owner of the bank had added another house to his complete collection pack of empty taken houses, for the sake of that somebody who probably has more money than millions of families together. Thousands of people are now dying in the cold or being beaten in order to keep the few remaining stuff they can call their own.

 And that is the story, that is how business works. That is how I became homeless. This is why I can understand the pain of someone else. Working so hard, giving your best shot and not being able to keep the place you lived in for so long time.

 Fortunately, time moves on and we all are being watched. Things that we do are to be repaid and if you find yourself humiliated or struggling due to somebody else. Be patient for you will have that suffering repaid and maybe the situation go backwards, I mean the person who hurt you may be needing you sometime later… How are you going to react?

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