Untitled poem by Alissa Demars

They found me

All alone

Lying very cold in my bed

Undying screams

Shattered cries

for your lost soul

A part of you is taken

For this bullet plunged in my head

Not thinking twice

No turning back

The final deed is done

So dry up your tears, no longer fears

Just one more victim

No one cares

Don’t want your sorrows

Go on with your lives

For they all killed me

You wouldn’t leave me alone

You always had to hurt me

You killed my heart, my feelings,

My reason for being

Now I am free!

Free from your evil ways

Free from your laughs and stares

I’ll get you back

Just wait your turn

Be expecting me

I’ll haunt your dreams

You’ll live in hell

I’ll make you feel

How I always felt

Remember I’m lying here

with a smirk on my face

for I am free!

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