“Cheer Up” by Vincent Costello

Cheer up lonely man,
Things are not as they appear:
We’re with U
– The Angels and the Holy Ghost
So chill dawg, U got nothing to fear

The plan is unfolding, just as it should
I’m telling U gently:
Keep that self-will checked
And stay away from Hollywood

I’m trying to save, as many as I can
U gotta believe me,
U and your loved ones
Even that wayward one ‘Stan’

So, cheer up! lonely man
Things are not as they appear,
My plan as precise as a Rolex:
Be patient – in time,
Everything will be made
Oh, so crystal clear

Keep loving me, and trusting me
With all your heart, soul, and mind
Love others as U love yourself
Be ever patient, tolerant, and kind.

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  1. Wonderful, keep it up thanks.

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