“Higher Brightly” by Colin Nickle

Deafening silence
Hangs in the stratosphere
Time slows, the clock sounds
Outside unrelenting sun
Seeps thick
Through tight blinds
Won’t stop sun
But I could do it
I had begun
Various, sundry
Hearts undone
Though a second breeze
Caught passed around
Mourning unavoidable
Happy, not
Mobile, barely
Canyons of cruelty
A renovation of pain
Cement between bricks
Won’t dry
Watching the quiet phone
Earthbound journals
Not meaning much
Cope dangles like a cobweb
Who rhymed hope with cope
Hope is synonymous
With courage of convictions
Desolation refuses
The carrilons of St. Mary’s
Tolling, just tolling
No making deals with Holy hosts
Favours partner
Its presence grows
No man above man
Equally flows
Nature’s locks
In beautiful rows
Aching the soil
Abiding the peace among souls
Favour alights
No dwindle too small
Onward discovery
Opening doors
Presides your secrets
Remaining forthwith
No argument with memory
No harsh words for the past
Bend your head
With heavy accuracy
Your death more than an anecdote
Faith in truth
How can I share
Knowledge you’re viewing
To the soul
That held
Brave bones together
Embarking on that
Extraordinary journey
Opals, diamonds
And lapis lazuli
Surround the light
Emanating from your
Perfect being
Now floating, criss crossing
Through and around
No warring beating of the chest
Nor crying misery
For those around you
The journey through lives
That brought you here
A sculpted selfhood
Bouncing improvisational precision
Learning to breathe differently
A clue to
Universal engagement
How will I find you
In a hundred billion stars
Though we are made of stardust
Twilight fades
Flows to tributaries
Do you see? Do you remember?
You were the tree of knowledge
For me
Standing a singular post
Making me feel infinity
For a lifetime
Of studying and learning
You called me scrappy
All fists and trees
A projectile spirit
I am in fact
A parade of characters
Imposed legacy
Born small months between
English Andrew
American JFK junior
What father demands wisdom
Of his child
A consistency
To learn is
Really to be
A hunger
Dad brags of me
To others
Curve your head over me
In so many answers
You influenced
Excitement to please you
Intelligent growth
Made you warmer, kinder
And dream tranced
My secret ballet
An Olympic event
You entreated
Grade three Spelling Bee
Beating Nancy Plume
Win English Essay
Win Science Fair
Track and Field Team
Gymnastics Team
Saturday Acting Class
Childhood of acting
Canadian Opera Children’s Chorus
You’d have nothing less than
Me growing into my own language

Still fighting with chains
Black back arena lot
No tower for me
A thousand wishes
For your baby swan
How am I ever doing?
Squirreling away
Seasoned love
For Technicolour futures
From Paris I wrote
Might not come home
Embracing roue
Of literary salons
Extraordinary gathering of ideas
You said
It was good for my reputation
Impossible to set all down
Just has to be lived
Gifts of your soul
Over a lifetime
Don’t look for trouble
Don’t give up
Don’t kill yourself however slowly
Stay well
Stay with it
Be authentic
Be distinctive
What gets in the way
Shut the trunk door then bury it
It’s been great
It’s been hell
Swift, endless
Fair, tough
No luck? Get some
It’s been a slice
Hard work, lonely
Above and beyond
Never be helpless
Make it come out right
You’ve gotten a little older
So have I…
Sometimes there’s some things you can do about
Some things you just can’t…


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