“Wolf Thoughts” by P.C.A.W.

[written in group @ the London Public Library during Week 1 warm-up exercise–free-writing from a chosen photo or image]

     The lead wolf can be seen with hair sticking out all over her body like a lot of hair gel had been used. Or possibly she had the electrical jolt of her life. Maybe this had happened when she climbed out of the water and managed to find a wind tunnel that gave her a terrific blow-dry.
     The three wolves following her were hard at work telepathically. One says that he is fed up with climbing all over these rocks. “Doesn’t she know there are diamond-backs hidden all over this place, and I don’t mean hockey players.”
     Another one remarks on the good time he’s going to have with her. The lead wolf retorts back, “Only in your dreams, sonny.” The third wolf must be a female. She’s wondering about where the lead wolf had gotten her hair done. This caused the two males to howl with laughter. “Is that all you think about–where to get your hair done?”
      Meanwhile, the lead wolf is thinking, “I know I saw our supper go this way, so where is it hiding?”

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