“Beware of Dogs” by P.C.A.W. (from Grit Uplifted group @ Central Library–Week 6: “Point of View”)

     The two Malamute dogs lived behind a fence with the sign, “Beware of Dogs”. Any time I walked by with a modicum of fear, I would always look toward them and speak softly.
     After months of this, the smaller of the two started coming up to the fence. At no time over the six months or so had either one barked. These two beautiful dogs certainly did not pose a “Beware of Dogs” threat in my mind. One day, to my amazement, the larger dog was doing a balancing act on the fence rail leading from the porch toward the front sidewalk portion of the fence.
     By the end of a year’s passage, both dogs were running to the fence as soon as one of them saw me. I had overcome any trepidation I may have had because of the “Beware of Dogs” sign. I would pet them, rub their ears. There would be some pushing between the two for this attention, but nothing to elicit fear of them. It was nothing to feel like my hand was being licked to the bone.
     Based on their behaviour, I wondered if these beauties received any attention from their owner. Maybe the “Beware of Dogs” sign had nothing to do with being vicious or mean, but rather, “Beware–you just might get licked/loved to death.”

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