“Addictions” by P.C.A.W. (from Grit Uplifted group @ Central Library–Week 7: “Tone & Style”)

     Smoking, drinking, gambling, exercise, food, money. Are addictions really harmful? There are some events that drive people to do rather stupid things. “I’m just drivin’ nails in my coffin, every time I drink a bottle of brew/ I’m drivin’ those nails over you” (Ray Francis and the Whippoorwills, Canatal Records, 1964).
     There is also a song called “Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer (on the compact disc “Pure 80’s”, Universal Music Special Markets, Inc., 1999). Listening to music about love surely can’t be harmful, can it? Isn’t love a good thing? Better than fighting, I would think.
     However, another song I heard about smoking performed by Ray Francis and the Whippoorwills in the early 1960’s contained the lines, “Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette/ Puff, puff, puff it and you’ll smoke yourself to death./ Tell St. Peter at the Pearly Gates he’ll simply have to wait/ ’cause you gotta have another cigarette.” True, this doesn’t mention lung cancer, lip cancer, and any other cancer connected to smoking. One cure could be to just light a twenty dollar bill. Do this often enough, and you might think about quitting.
     Some people addicted to alcohol are commonly labeled ‘alcoholics’. You know you have it bad when you resort to drinking alcohol-laced mouthwash. This is harmful health-wise, financially, and could even lead to loss of family.
     Gambling and excessive purchase of lottery tickets can be financially hazardous to a family’s well-being. Sure, you may gain a little, but is the loss worth the win? Like, dude, how much did you spend to win those ten dollars?
     Some people appear to be addicted to working out. Give it a rest! Missing one day will not kill you; in fact, your joints and muscles may thank you.
     To me, the second worst addiction is to food. We need food to live, but overeating is not good for our health or finances. Give me my bananas! Okay, I admit I may have been a monkey in a previous life. I can’t seem to live without my caffeine-free diet Coke, which is getting hard, if not impossible, to find in a small bottle. I don’t want to buy the whole lake (2 liters) when the pond (650 mL) will take care of my thirst. And I just love my roast beef sandwiches, poor cow.
     The worst addiction has got to be the never-ending need for money which all the other addictions thrive on. There is always to much month left at the end of the money.

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