Season’s Greetings from one of our Grit Uplifted writers: “Thanks” by Ellis Donald Williams

May this festive season bring you, your family and friends
     a gift of heavenly happiness and joy with God’s wisdom that never ends.
May these holidays be shared with loving thoughts, blessed with God’s grace.
     May your circle of life shine with smiles and reflect upon everyone’s face.
May you capture every moment of love
     and treasure it more than all the gold, young or old.
May you be filled with magical wonder like the amazement and innocence
     that excites the little child’s soul.
May you find courage and perseverance to see beyond the differences and wrongs
     that others reflect onto you.
May you always pray for all that is right, and eventually,
perfection of God’s plan will fall upon you.
     May you embrace every little loving hug and hold on with all your might.
May letting go be your greatest fight.
     May you cherish all the moments of your past
and the ones who made these moments last.
Remembering in your heart that loved ones come and love ones part,
     may you always have a special story imprinted upon your heart.
So smile for the camera, toast a cheer with all honesty and intent.
     Most important of all is to remember with thanks
the immaculate conception of a child born in a manger
that started this Christmas event.

Written by: Ellis Donald Williams
                    December 2011

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