“A Precious Flower” by Maggie Sue Traynor (a tribute to the women who died in the 1989 Montreal Massacre)

                                        A precious flower so sweet so fine

                                        Just like our Sisters, one of a kind

                                        Each flower has characteristics of its own

                                        They may look the same yet they’re not fully grown

                                        So much more to offer, so much to give

                                        If they only had more time to live

                                        A decision was made on that tragic day

                                        The chance to live and be happy, sadly taken away

                                        A sister is like a flower, so precious you know

                                         If they only had more time to flourish, to grow

                                         So fondly we remember your presence here

                                         With the loss of our sisters, our eyes start to tear

                                          On this day we remember our sisters with love

                                         We know you’re safe and happy with GOD above

                                         Written by: Maggie Sue

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