“The beauty of art, the beauty of life” by Maggie Sue Traynor

The blank canvas that will soon be turned into a beautiful
Masterpiece. As GOD takes his beautiful creation and molds it into
His own beautiful masterpiece, Just like the artist with the canvas,
Only GOD will know the outcome of his beautiful creaton. As for the
Artist, he or she will know what the final outcome will be. As GOD too
will know. When we talk about the pyramid, we only see the top. It is
Difficult for humans to see what lies beneath. Yet GOD sees
Everything. Please do not insult me or my sisters by telling us not to
Judge the top for we are unable to identify what lies beneath. You too
Cannot stand there and judge my sisters or myself for you too do not
Know what lies beneath. GOD knows you don’t. Until you can fully
Understand the situation, please do not stand there in judgment, for
That is GOD’S right not yours. You are there to listen, not to judge.

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